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Top Euro Rates £500 Buys Euro
£1 =
TravelFx 572 1.1437
Eurochange 571 1.1412
The Post Office 569 1.1371
ICE 566 1.1327

Mon. 1st. March 2021 10:31am

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Top US Dollar Rates £500 Buys US Dollar
£1 =
TravelFx 688 1.3758
Eurochange 688 1.3757
The Post Office 688 1.3751
ICE 685 1.3693

Mon. 1st. March 2021 10:31am

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Top Turkish Lira Rates £500 Buys Turkish Lira
£1 =
TravelFx 4,916 9.8319
Eurochange 4,914 9.8280
ICE 4,838 9.6768
Marks & Spencer 4,831 9.6617

Mon. 1st. March 2021 10:31am

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GOV.UK Travel Advice

Monday 1 March 2021 6:26am
Updated information on the nationwide curfew and the sale of alcohol (See 'Coronavirus' page)

Sunday 28 February 2021 8:07pm
An exchange of fire took place in N’Djamena on 28 February; at least two people were killed, and several injured in a clash between Chadian security forces and Chadian opposition. You should limit your movements in N’Djamena, and avoid the area between the US Embassy and the Grand Mosque. (Summary)

Sunday 28 February 2021 8:02pm
Change to entry restrictions ('Summary' and 'Entry requirements' pages) and updated local restrictions ('Coronavirus' page)

Saudi Arabia
Sunday 28 February 2021 12:15pm
New information following reports of an intercepted ballistic missile over Riyadh on 27 February 2021 ('Summary' and 'Safety and Security' pages)

Myanmar (Burma)
Sunday 28 February 2021 8:29am
Update on latest political situation. Advice to British Nationals to stay at home. (See 'Summary' page)

New Zealand
Saturday 27 February 2021 9:47pm
Update to COVID-19 Alert Levels and Travel in New Zealand ('Coronavirus' page)

Czech Republic
Saturday 27 February 2021 11:46am
Updated information on the extension of the State of Emergency in place in the Czech Republic ('Summary', 'Coronavirus' and 'Entry requirements' pages)

Saturday 27 February 2021 10:27am
Updated information on British Airways passenger flights from Kingston to London Gatwick ('Coronavirus' page)

Friday 26 February 2021 7:48pm
Updated information on the reclassification of Obalno-kraška as a red region, meaning no travel in or out of this region (See 'Coronavirus' page)

Friday 26 February 2021 6:23pm
Additional information on travel between the EU and non-European countries and on travel between France and the UK (See 'Summary' and Entry requirements' pages)

Friday 26 February 2021 6:03pm
Updated information on transiting Spanish airports (See ‘Summary’ and ‘Entry requirements’ pages)

Friday 26 February 2021 5:28pm
Updated information on international travel from Liberia (See ‘Coronavirus’ and ‘Entry requirements’ pages)

Friday 26 February 2021 5:22pm
Update to information on curfews and travel restrictions in response to coronavirus and Ebola ('Summary' and 'Coronavirus' pages)

Cape Verde
Friday 26 February 2021 5:21pm
Further information about COVID-19 vaccines if you live in Cape Verde and removal of information on carnival festivals ('Coronavirus' page)

Friday 26 February 2021 4:53pm
Update on new measures to limit the spread of Coronavirus on 27 and 28 February (‘Coronavirus’ page)

Friday 26 February 2021 4:47pm
Update to information on flight routes available (‘Return to UK’ page). New information on Coronavirus related rules and restrictions (‘Coronavirus’ page).

Friday 26 February 2021 4:38pm
Updates to information on transit restrictions, visa requirements for students and timeshares. (‘Summary’, ‘Safety and security’ and ‘Entry requirements’ pages)

Friday 26 February 2021 4:36pm
New information on how to get a COVID-19 vaccine if you live in Nigeria (‘Coronavirus’ page)

Friday 26 February 2021 4:18pm
Updated links for entry restrictions for travel to Norway (‘Summary’ page)

Friday 26 February 2021 4:07pm
Information about COVID-19 vaccines if you live in Tonga ('Coronavirus' page)

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